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About us

Locker Barcelona is the Official Left Luggage storage facility in the centre of Barcelona, member of the Barcelona Turism Office since 2010; offers you a convenient place to securely store your belongings whilst you explore the city, only a few minutes walking from Plaza Catalunya; search for our shop at ESTRUC 36.


Locker Barcelona is in the centre of the tourist and shopping district of Barcelona, next to Plaza Catalunya, strategically located next to the main shuttle bus, train stations, and metro lines (L1, L3 and L4) from/to the airport and cruise port. Find us shop at Estruc street Nº36.

Locker Barcelona

Carrer Estruc, 36

Barcelona, 08002


How to arrive from / to (airport and port)?

The service is well connected by all the transports from / to the airport and port, such us: Aerobus (the shuttle bus service from / to Barcelona airport), train and metro stations, all of them stops at PLAZA CATALUNYA.

Operating hours and dates

Regular Schedule: 09:00 – 21:00 (non-stop)

Summer Schedule: 08:30 – 22:30 (non-stop)

** Access to the lockers is available within operating hours only.

PLEASE CHECK OUR PROFILE ON OUR GOOGLE BUSINESS TAB, IT SHOWS YOU THE OPENINGS HOURS IN REAL TIME, (It may varies during the year according the season/month, from the shown above).

We open 365 days a year, sundays and holidays included, except on december 25th (Christmas).

How are your belongings secured?

The lockers are secured with a password which you can choose. For security purposes always make sure the locker door is in fact locked before you leave, and ensure to keep your password confidential.

The locker facility has video surveillance cameras that monitors the facility 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Should I book a Locker?

We recommend to reserve your locker in advance to be certain of the availability, could be at least a pair of days before your checkin date; specially on holidays and weekends, you can follow the link below :


Choose you locker size (M,L or XXL) + set the arrival date + add in the cart as many units as you need.

How can I book in a row (for many days)?

Choose you locker size  (M,L or XXL) + set the arrival date + add in the cart as many days (units items) as you need.

For example: choose your locker size  (L) + (07/03/2020) + add in the cart as many days =  items, as you need (5u)

It means that you are booking 1 large locker from March 7th, for 5 days (until march 11th), you won’t see the checkout date on your reservation, once you arrive at our shop we will print a recepit will all the details.

I have not received my CONFIRMATION VOUCHER

Once the payment is done, you will receive 2 vouchers:

  1. Our blue voucher (NEW CUSTOMER ORDER)
  2. The paypal receipt (send automatically from Paypal)

Both are valid to present during your check-in, both contains the order number we must register.

How can I know that my reservation is confirmed?

If you have an ORDER # XXXXX, it means that your reservation is confirmed, this number is generated once tha payment is compleated. You won’t need to receive any other reconfirmation.


If you have problems with the reception of our voucher, please check in your spam.

How can I pay if I don’t have a Paypal account?

You don’t need to (open/have) a Paypal account.

Paypal is a online tool for secure payments that guarantees the security. As you can see following the next steps, is a regular card transaction.

How to pay for the locker service once I’m in the shop?

You can pay by cash or credit card (Visa and MasterCard). Locker Barcelona will only accept cash notes up to €100.00 – no higher denominations.

Which is your cancellation policity?

You can request the cancellation and refund of your purchase 24 hours prior your checkin date, you can do it through: info@lockerbarcelona.com

** No cancellations made during the scheduled date of use, or posterior dates will be accepted.

Which are the lockers rates?

All our prices are daily (per 1 calendar day), unfortunately we don’t have rates per hours.

Its price will depends on the size of the locker that you need, i.e : M, L or XXL

The lockers may be accessed as many times as required during our opening hours, and the period you have paid for, without incurring further charges.

*** Luggage claims beyond the specified time will incur an additional charge.

Groups / Schoolar groups

If you have a large group of visitors that want to hire lockers, we recommend to make your reservation in advance to ensure the availability. For schoolar groups, we recommend to contact us :


How long can you store items for?

There is no time limit for the length of storage. You can store items for anything between a few hours to several weeks. If you want to know our long term rental rates for up than 15 days, you can contact us :


What I should expect since I ordered my locker?

You will receive a Paypal voucher that means your payment was correctly processed, you should print it and present at your arrival (you can present also in any mobile device), you will not receive any code in advance for security reasons.

Our staff will assistance you assigning a locker number and giving you a ticket with all the information about it. Please keep it with you as you will need it to access your luggage during the day and to take them back.

And if I stop paying my locker, what will happen with my luggage?

Locker Barcelona will keep its locker for up to 15 days without paying, after this time the content will be transferred to a warehouse where it will remain maximum 3 months from the date of default. After this time, Locker Barcelona reserves the right to destroy its contents, without admitting any type of claim, considering it as an abandoned locker.

In case you want to recover the content (in the terms previously described), the client must pay in advance the total of their stay.

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