Terms & Conditions

RENTAL AGREEMENT AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY Please read carefully before signing   The client must secure the lock properly whith the suply lockst. The client accepts all riks associated whith the use of a locker. Exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Barcelona, Spain. This contrac shall be governed by Spanish law. DEPOSIT / PAYMENT The client is required to present a valid  id which we will make an print. Theft insurance If the client wishes to pay for an insurance it cost 3€/day. Clients whith insurance must present an official police report in case of theft. If the client has lost any of the keys, she/he must pay the replacement value of 10€/Key.   The client must inform us by phone or in person in case he/she can not pick up luggage in a reasonable time. Luaggage left unattended after 2 weeks due of contract time will be retired from locker. This is for security reasons.